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I just want to make sure, but are you being serious whenever you bash on Onodera or when you try to place Chitoge way above the others? I thought you were doing it jokingly until now, but lately you seem like an ass about it. Sorry if I sound sensitive, I just want to make sure because all your recent posts have been annoying me, to be honest.

No no no. I have realized that it was too much too late. Yes I bash jokingly but I will admit I get too far when I’m not watching myself. 

Just never ever take me seriously (most of the time). I joke around a lot. Sorry if I upset ted you in any way. 

But I will admit that Chitoge is my favorite and nothing will ever change that.

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whos ur fav loli


Artist: らき

Is it odd that my Waifu is Aisha Clan Clan? Also request more Aisha Clan Clan

Artist: ウガンダ

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Can't say I disagree, chitoge is a pretty shitty tsundere.

I’m sorry for your loss

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Chitoge is garbage? psh. The only way Chitoge and garbage make it into the same sentence is if it's, "Onodera is complete garbage compared to Chitoge."


Waifu bashing is a serious offence if done un-jokingly you know

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You can't win a waifu war when your waifu is GARBAGE

Chitoge vs Onodera has become intense.




it shouldn’t it is very one-sided

Yeah, Onodera should have won long ago.

I agree.

"Onodera should have won long ago.”

The mom is a childhood friend too!?!?

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